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Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act

The Ohio GOP chooses lobbyists over citizens

In response to the increased pressure to bring HB 248 out of committee, the GOP "Leadership" has decided to kill the bill and punish Jennifer Gross by removing her from the Health Committee.

In a classic power play, the Republican Speaker Bob Cupp and Majority Leader, Bill Seitz have killed the Vaccine Choice and Anti-Descrimination Act and punished the author Jennifer Gross for promoting a bill that is drawing huge support from citizens concerned about being forced to take a medical treatment.  The pharma, hospital and insurance lobbyists control the Ohio GOP!  Here is a copy of the letter the lobbies sent to the Republican representatives.  This is not the first time this money has dictated the outcome of key legislation, these are the same organizations that pushed Kasich to enact the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in 2013!

When pressed for why he was not supporting Vaccine Choice, Rep Bill Seitz responded with: 

When you ask 'How much freedom is too much freedom?, I suggest you consult the ghost of George Washington because he thought that mandatory smallpox vaccines in the cause of establishing liberty in the first place was a good idea.

First, smallpox has a death rate of 30%, 3 out of 10 people that contract smallpox will die.  That is 100 times more deadly than Covid and about 10,000 times more deadly than Covid is to people under the age of 50.

Second, Washington vaccinated the soldiers to prevent them from dying!  NOT because he was worried that the unvaccinated would kill the vaccinated! 
This whole line of reasoning is preposterous.  If the Covid vaccine is really a vaccine, then a person who has the vaccine should not have any concern at all from the unvaccinated!

The entire purpose of all of the Covid restrictions is to eliminate personal freedom.  The disease itself poses no threat to vast majority of the population and individuals that have concerns can get the "vaccine".  Individuals that do not fear Covid or who do not trust the vaccine should be free to choose what is best for them.  Where does this end?  If they can force you to take a shot for something that is far less dangerous than riding in an automobile, will they soon require that you must wear sunglasses during daylight hours to protect your eyes, even if you are inside?  Or why not require everyone must apply SPF50 to all exposed skin to prevent sunburn!

The Republican Party is NOT supporting the will of the people but responding to the money flow from the companies that are raking in billions from the Covid boondoggle!

Call your representative and demand they support your right to medical freedom!

Warren County
- HD62 Scott Lipps 614-644-6023
Hamilton County
- HD29 Cindy Abrams 614-466-9091
- HD30 Bill Seitz 614-466-8258
- HD27 Tom Brinkman 614-644-6886
Montgomery County
- HD40 Phil Plummer 614-644-8051
- HD41 Andrea White 614-644-6008
- HD42 Tom Young 614-466-6504
Clermont County
- HD65 Jean Schmidt 614-466-8134
- HD66 Adam Bird 614-644-6034
Preble County
- HD43 Rodney Creech 614-466-2960
Green County
- HD73 Brian Lampton 614-644-6020
Miami County
- HD80 Jena Powell 614-466-8114
Butler County
- HD53 Thomas Hall 614-644-5094

You can also email your representative at where xx is the district number.

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