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Precinct Exec Process

If you want to have a say in where the Republican Party is heading, you need to take action now! 
Represent your precinct as a County Central Committee Member.

May 2022 Primary Election Calendar (Hamilton County)

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Additional information is available from Ohio Patriots Alliance

Getting on the ballot

  • Find your precinct
  • Get the petition for Declaration of Candidacy - Party Primary -   County Central Committee (PDF) from Ohio Sec of State
  • Fill out and print the petition
    • Be sure to fill out all entries except "Number of Petitions"
      • Date of primary election is 3 May 2022
    • Can be done prior to printing or by hand after printing the form
    • Note that the form is meant for "Legal" size (8.5"x14") paper.  If you print on "Letter" (8.5"x11") it will be very small print.
  • Sign and date the first page of the petition "Signature of Candidate"
  • Get the list of Republican voters in your precinct
    • For Hamilton County Ohio you can get from here at the BOE site
      • Under "Step #1", select "By Precinct", then select your precinct
      • Under "Step #2", select "Choose Parties", then select "Republican"
      • Under "Step #3", recommend selecting "Walking List, Name Order"
      • "Export to CSV" to read into a spreadsheet program or "Export to PDF" to just print the list
  • Collect signatures from your neighbors
    • The signature must be from people on the Voter List you generated of Republican voters in your precinct
    • Only 5 "validated" signatures are required
    • Up to 15 signatures on the petition
      • Get more than 5 just to be safe
  • Enter the number of signatures collected on the petition and sign "Signature of Circulator"
  • Take the completed Petition to the County Board of Elections
    • Hamilton County BOE map at 4700 Smith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45212
    • Once the signatures are validated you will be on the ballot

Once we get through the petition process we will be posting suggestions on how to win the election for County Central Committee and help all of the conservative candidates.

Running for office

Get the list of Republican voters in your precinct

  • Prepare a flyer, literature piece, or handout for both door-to-door distribution and mail out
    • Name (required) and picture (optional)
    • Office you are running for (CCC)
    • A few policy positions
    • Date of Election
    • Contact information (email address, or social media location)
      Note: No campaign finance filings are required for CCC
  • Mail or hand deliver literature piece to every prospective voter at least 30 days prior to election
    (Early Voting starts about then so about 5 weeks out get your information to them)
    • Use the list of voters that you got in the steps above
  • Go door-to-door and talk in person to your most likely voters all the way up to Election Day
    • If you invest in yard signs, ask them to put one in their yard
    • If they are really interested recruit them as a volunteer
      • Hand out literature at precinct polls on Election Day
    • Host a meet and greet
    • Be a poll worker (paid) or watcher (non pay)
    • Ask them to join your grassroots contact network for the ward, village, township, or precinct (email, phone, social media)
  • Chase the Absentee Voters
    • Obtain daily updates of Absentee ballot requests from BOE
    • Immediately mail or hand-deliver literature to them (Absentee Address Labels may be downloaded from BOE website)
    • Door-knock if possible
  • Final Mailer 1 week before Election
    • Mail your literature to remaining targeted voters so they get it the weekend before Election
    • Consider including your own Recommended Candidates List or Slate Card for them to take with them to the polls
  •  Election Day Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Activities
    • Get volunteers to pass out your literature at precinct voting locations (100 feet from entrance)
      This is the single best way to win the County Central Committee Election!

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