DeWine Endorsements

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Local establishment Republicans came out for DeWine on January 19th
(See endorsement letter here)

In response we have written a letter to these individuals asking "What is it that you are endorsing?"

The letter was co-signed by nearly 200 concerned voters!

The following letter is being sent to these people cowering to DeWine:

We are contacting you to express our collective disappointment in your endorsement of Mike DeWine. Endorsement of Mike DeWine by you and other Republican leaders is totally contrary to the building sentiment against an authoritarian, extra constitutional rule that greatly expands the role of government.

His entire time in office Mike DeWine has worked against everything that conservative Republican voters have been demanding. He is the OPPOSITE of what we expect from our Governor in Ohio:

We respectfully ask – What is it that you are endorsing? It cannot be constitutional governance. It cannot be for respect of the role of the legislature. It can’t be to enhance generally the freedom and liberty of Ohioans. Is it merely paying service to the Ohio GOP as taking priority over the voice of the voters? We the undersigned as both individual voters and leaders of various liberty groups throughout Southwest Ohio express our grave concerns over your endorsement and continued support of Mike DeWine in spite of his liberal (Democrat supported) conduct in his tenure as Governor. This is NOT the future we wish for the Republican party in Ohio.

Click here to see the full letter with the list of people signing in protest of these endorsements.



The Republican Voters of Southwest Ohio