George Brunemann


Let's make the Ohio Republican Party represent the voters!

In the state of Ohio we are suffering small business erosion, attacks on medical freedom and indoctrination of school children not as a result of the Democrats but because of the Republicans that control the entire state level political landscape. Career politicians and a feckless Ohio Republican Party are hurting Ohio’s citizens. George is running for the Ohio State Central Committee to bring transparency and accountability to the Ohio Republican Party. He believes that the way to change the direction of the Republican Party is to get people willing to stand up to the establishment and to the lobbyists in order to have the party reflect the voters.

George is an engineer with over 40 years of experience in advancing the state of the art in embedded computers. In late 2009, the rapid increase in the United States Debt, the government takeover of private companies and the march toward socialized medicine drove George to enter the political conversation as one of the leaders of the local Tea Party movement. In 2021, the renewed threats to liberty, freedom and fiscal sanity led George to began a new effort – RestoreLiberty.US with the goal of providing communication and coordination of grassroots efforts aimed at returning the United States to its founding principles of personal responsibility and personal liberty.

I am George Brunemann and I am asking for your vote for the Ohio Republican Party Member of State Central Committee in District 8.

I believe that the Republican Party will be more successful when we concentrate on reflecting the principles of the voters and spend less time advancing the causes of career politicians.

My key concern is protecting individuals, families and and especially children from the government takeover of medical decisions, education decisions and childcare.

George Brunemann – Background Information

Personal Background:

  • Married to Nancy for 42 years, two daughters, four grandchildren

  • Education:

    • Valedictorian, Elder High School 1977

    • University of Evansville BS Computer & Electrical Engineering 4.0/4

    • University of Cincinnati MS Computer Engineering 4.0/4

  • Hobbies:

    • Singer with the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra and St. William Church

    • Travel with family and friends across the USA

  • George Brunemann formed his own consulting company, NgEK, in 2003. His reputation as an engineer is based on success with “Mission Impossible” projects where the complexity or timeline require the ability to learn quickly, to organize the system and manage the team to create the solution.

  • George has 16 patents in diesel and jet engine control, hybrid truck efficiency, artificial intelligence and use of the internet for transportation optimization. These designs not only allow the vehicles to meet emission regulations but also improve efficiency and allow the customer to save money through better miles per gallon.

Political Involvement:

  • In October, 2009 George and his wife Nancy invited friends and neighbors to discuss a growing concern of the increasing debt and federal government expansion. That small start led to the formation of the SouthWest Cincinnati Tea Party which was one of the largest liberty groups in the area and played a key role in Steve Chabot’s return to Congress in 2010. George acted as President of the Cincinnati Tea Party during the 2012 election cycle.

  • When the Obama administration targeted conservatives in 2012, the Brunemann’s were faced with an IRS audit “because of your association with the Cincinnati Tea Party”. George spoke about his experience with the IRS and other current events on Fox News and at rallies across the country.

  • In January 2021, a new organization was created to address the dire situation ushered in by the Biden “win” and single party rule of the Democrat/Communists. RestoreLiberty.US is an effort to improve coordination and communication among grassroots activists. The podcasts, website and events have reached 100s of people in the Cincinnati area.

  • In 2022 George is running for the Ohio State Central Committee to represent the voters to the Republican Party and to reduce the influence of the incumbent politicians on the decisions that impact Ohio. The RestoreLiberty Podcast highlights federal, state and local issues with analysis and action items.

 You can reach George at or (513)400-4227

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