Barbara Holwadel


America is hurting because the Republican party has let us down.

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Here in Ohio, the Republican Party’s State Central Committee is the heart of the party - it sets policy and promotes candidates that will push the Republican brand to the voting public. However, the central committee needs people who will stand for freedom in all its forms: financial accountability most of all, preserving and advancing conservative principles for the future.

Being a conservative is more than just a slogan for Barbara, it is what drives her critical life decisions. She has been married for 34 years, and homeschooled her children. Later, she got involved in local politics by serving on the Hamilton County Republican Central Committee and served eight years as Madeira Ward Chair.

In 2018, she fought (almost single-handedly) to stop an income tax increase in the city of Madeira and ran for council in 2019. The next year, she led the effort to stop SORTA from raking in tens of millions of dollars to prop up outmoded public-transportation models that ignore consumers’ modern travel preferences - such as Uber/Lyft ride vouchers. Then, in 2021 she organized opposition to the County Parks levy – one that effectively doubled our taxes. The Cincinnati Enquirer even labeled her Greater Cincinnati’s Anti-Tax Crusader (10/18/21).

Barbara believes in limited government, free markets & fiscal responsibility that can only be accomplished through free, fair and audited elections.

Once elected to the Ohio Republican Party’s State Central Committee, Barbara will work to strengthen the party by resisting endorsement of incumbents in the primary season. In addition, she believes elected officials should be held accountable to voters for their behavior in office and that robust campaigns & debates help hold incumbents accountable for their actions. Politicians do not deserve a free ride to reelection provided to them by the ORP and their donors. Barbara believes the primary should be held sacred to GOP primary voters.

Barbara views central committee membership as public service and will not seek to enrich herself thereby. She will not accept state employment for herself, family or friends in order to advance a career in the public sphere.

The vision Barbara has for her term would be to make the Ohio Republican Party better than ever. She would work to raise the public perception of what it really means to be a conservative against the daily onslaught of a hostile media.

We have to advance a party that stands for the middle class. A party that puts Ohio out front as a state that believes in healthcare freedom, low taxes, personal accountability and the preservation of all our constitutional rights. I will help make the Ohio Republican Party better and stronger than ever.” - Barbara Holwadel

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