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A "concerned voter" sent us a list of questions that are a good representation of the key concerns most people have in selecting a State Central Committee Member.  We wanted to share these to give you a better insight into our positions.

1. Where do you stand with our second amendment rights? I do believe the right to privately own firearms is very important to our country. We should always be able to protect and provide with firearms as well as stand against government tyranny. Will you push back and help stop unlawful restrictions and bans on law abiding citizens?

The right to protect yourself, your family and your property is as fundamental as it gets. The focus on weapons instead of the criminal is just another part of the big government mission to control every aspect of your life. The wording of the Second Amendment could not be more clear - "shall not be infringed"! The recent Indiana mall incident is a perfect example of how a good people can stand up to evil people. The entire premise of “gun control” is ludicrous. Criminals do not obey laws!

2. Will you uphold religious liberty? During the “lockdowns” of the pandemic I feel those rights were trampled on. Churches were being fined for staying open for worship and that deeply disturbed me. Will you continue to fight for our right to peaceably assemble?

“Republican” Mike DeWine’s actions during the COVID scare were an atrocious example of what happens in a dictatorship. Churches were shut down but abortion clinics were open. Small businesses were forced to close while the large chain stores (with the lobbyists and their money) were untouched. The failure of the Republican House and Senate to stop his actions are a huge part of why I am running for State Central Committee. We need principled individuals on the board of the Ohio GOP to stand for conservative principles and do not bow to the pressure from career politicians.

First amendment protections of freedom of religion and freedom to assemble have been under attack for a while. The current Supreme Court has thankfully strengthened these rights but has also revealed how desperate the Democrats are to remove them. The Ohio GOP needs to take a much stronger position against these attacks.

3. Do you have a solid view on the pro-life debate? The Declaration of Independence states that: “All men are created equal endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”

I believe ALL lives have these rights. Including the unborn. Will you fight for the unborn?

I still remember all of the discussions in church and school back when Roe vs Wade was forced on the country. The Democrat promise was that “Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.” What was sold as a last resort for extreme cases has become a mainstream form of contraceptive that has killed millions. The Dobbs decision is a great first step. Part of the answer has to be creating an environment where having a baby is as easy of a decision as abortion. We need to focus on the mother and the family and expand the pregnancy crisis centers. Both Barbara and I have been endorsed by the local and statewide Right to Life organizations as well as key leaders in the effort, not because we answered the questions correctly but because we truly believe in the sacredness of life.

4. I do agree with your views on public education. Will you help to give an honest and fair look at our nations history, eradicate CRT from the curriculum, and help give a fair and honest view of the sciences and creation theories?

Education must return to the job of teaching foundation skills not political ideology. History needs to focus on facts, not political commentary. Teach all sides of history but remove the strong prejudice of CRT and similar perversions of the past. Math is math, there is no opinion in math, and stick to teaching the tried and true methods of arithmetic. As an engineer, I fear that the children being confused by common core math will have no ability to think scientifically and lack the foundations for understanding physics. Sex education of any kind has no place in young children’s curricula. The extreme perversions being forced by liberal school districts is totally inappropriate in any form. First and foremost parents are responsible for their children in all things especially in creating and nurturing their moral, religious and emotional foundations.

5. I noticed you advocated for child care changes. Could you explain to me what is going on there? (I do not have children yet so that is unfamiliar to me)

The child care message was part of my response to your previous question about pro-life. The government incentivizes abortion among lower income women and if she does have children, there are financial perks to not getting married. None of this makes real sense. Couples that do want families but require both spouses to work to make ends meet struggle with the high cost of child care. I am not sure what the solution is for all of this, but clearly what we are doing now is not working. Focusing on families needs to be a priority.