Nino Vitale Review of HB435

The rush to ram through the "Vaccine Fairness" Bill, HB435 continues.  Representative Nino Vitale spoke with Brian Thomas earlier this week (see here).

Here is his summary of concerns:

Here are just a few of the Problematic & Concerning Points:

- DOES NOT PROHIBIT employers, schools, or any entity to require Covid tests as often as they choose. You could be tested TWICE A DAY if they want to.

- ALLOWS entities to require YOU TO PAY FOR THE MEDICAL TESTING required to prove your natural immunity and obtain your exemption. And currently, there’s no agreed upon test so they could claim the test you are using is invalid and doesn’t count.

- ZERO PROTECTION for Medical Privacy regarding questioning and inquiries about your vaccination status.

- ZERO PROTECTION from vaccine status discrimination.

- ZERO PROTECTION from mask mandates by any entity.

- ZERO PROTECTION from mask mandate discrimination for those who choose not to take the experimental elixir.

- ZERO PROTECTION from contact tracing.

- ZERO PROTECTION from quarantining of the healthy.

-NO RECOURSE – If your employer wants you vaxxed, the only recourse you have is to the Civil Rights Commission. They take months if not years to hear cases and decide on them. And this may cost you huge legal fees. In the meantime, you have no paycheck. It’s also a government entity guarding a government entity.

- ZERO PROTECTION from "Vaccine Passport" mandates by any non-government entity. So under this bill, you will be able to visit a government agency without a "Covid Passport," but if a grocery store decides they want to mandate a "Covid Passport," you might not be able to feed your family. They say this is due to "not infringing on the rights of private businesses." I demand and fight for the rights of private business from government infringement at every turn. That being said, it is abundantly clear that we as human beings have rights granted to us by God and protected by the Constitution to determine what goes into our bodies and no business has a God-given or Constitutional right to trump that.

- ALL of the bill's provisions/exemptions expire in 2023 due to a Sunset Clause that was put into the bill. So even the so-called exemptions expire. Your medical freedom has an expiration date.

- ZERO PROTECTION if you change jobs after the bill goes into effect. So if the bill becomes law on Monday, and you start a new job on Tuesday, once you start your new job, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR AN EXEMPTION under this bill.

- ZERO PROTECTION if you work for OR study under an entity with certain affiliations to a children's hospital and/or ICU or what a hospital deems to be critical care unit. If you or a loved one works in any of those areas, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR AN EXEMPTION under this bill.

- ZERO PROTECTION if you work for specific medical/infectious research-related entities: YOU DO NOT QUALIFY FOR AN EXEMPTION for under this bill.

- REQUIRES that the Ohio Department of Health adopt rules outlining the timeline for which students and employees with natural immunity have to be retested to see if their exemption still applies. This gives ODH more power. Haven’t we had enough of the medical dictatorship we’ve been living under for the past 18 months?

- REFUSES Workers Compensation Benefits for vaccine injuries if the vaccine was not FDA-approved at the time the vaccine was administered. (So injuries from shots received under the current FDA extended use emergency authorization appear to be uncovered.)

- AUTHORIZES an emergency use authorization vaccine to qualify in the state of Ohio to satisfy the requirements of an entity for receipt of an FDA approved Covid shot.

And IF you do qualify for an exemption under this bill, meaning that you don't fit under the "Not Exempt" categories AND you do not change jobs after the bill would become law, don't forget that there is ZERO language in this bill that would protect your God-given medical freedom past 2023.

To be exact, under this bill, your Medical Freedom is set to "expire" on June 30, 2023:


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