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Podcast 8: Personal Responsibility

Guest: Dr. Tony Bianco

Segment 1: Personal Responsibility = Personal Liberty
Segment 2: Guest Dr. Tony Bianco - Personal Health
Segment 3: Looney Tunes w/Harris and Timken, Inflation, New website is rolling out!

Segment 1:

Personal Responsibility = Personal Liberty

  • Personal Responsibility: human beings choose and control their own actions and destiny

    • The earliest known English use of the phrase (personal responsibility) is by Massachusetts Rep. Nathaniel Gorham at the U.S. Constitutional Convention on July 18, 1787.

      • “Public bodies feel no personal responsibility and give full play to intrigue and cabal.”

    • I am responsible for myself

      • Perseverance, dedication, work ethic, health ethic, who I associate with, what I do.

    • I am accountable for my own actions and the direct effects of those actions on others

  • Personal Liberty: the freedom of the individual to do as he pleases limited only by not interfering with the liberty of others.

    • The constitution is centered on the concept that government has a limited set of actions that may detract from an individual’s liberty.


  • “Mitigating circumstances” can limit personal responsibility

    • The range of conditions within your ability to control can be restricted by outside forces

      • For example, in North Korea there is no opportunity for most people to affect their station in life because of the absolute control of the government on food, work, housing…

  • Government can use force to restrict personal liberty

    • Not allow you to leave your home, open your business, go to church

    • 2020 was a wake up call to absolute government/dictator control

      • Many were more than willing to abdicate their personal responsibility to make health decisions to the politically motivated whims of “experts” and “leaders”

  • When people give up their personal responsibility, liberty is forfeit as well.

What this means for us now

  • All areas of normal life are now fighting a battle against government control

    • Work

      • Paying people more to sit on the couch than to earn a living

      • Advocating factors other than competence and performance as dictating worth

    • Education

      • Restricting ability of students to excel beyond the “normal”

      • Dictating what conclusions must be drawn from data

    • Family

      • Paying people to not get married

      • Redefining “family” and the concept of “it takes a village”

  • Fight back by asserting Responsibility and using remaining freedom to advocate for restoring liberty!

Segment 2

Background – Dr. Tony Bianco

  • Born and raised in Cincinnati and received his medical degree from Ohio University.

  • Very passionate about rekindling our ancient forefathers’ traditions in natural foods, self-sustaining farming and getting back to what is genuinely healthy for the human body.

  • A.T. Still - “To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”

Osteopathic – Background

  • “One of the core principles in the Osteopathic philosophy is the body’s ability to self-regulate, self-heal and to maintain health!”

    • “Rather than simply accepting that something must be done to us, how about we consider doing it by us.”

    • “Our goal as health providers should be to return the control of health back to each individual through the use of these human appropriate behaviors.

Health is a Person Choice

  • “Health Care, known otherwise as Disease Care, has become the predominant form of medicine in our country”

    • “The U.S. consistently spends the most per person on health care, more than doubling the average worldwide. Sadly, most reports indicate that our health grade doesn’t even make the top 10, and life expectancy amongst comparable countries is the lowest.”

    • “We are “doing” ourselves to death and it seems, by current societal standards, that we are fine with it. Stay busy, accumulate more, grind away (physically, mentally, and emotionally). We choose to accelerate this ideology, and not until you have your first heart attack or cancer at 50 (now even younger), does one even consider making a change.”

  • SCIENCE = GOD !?

    • “Science is important, it provides us with information to assist in decision making.”

    • “Remember when the earth was flat, smoking was good for you and the nutrition pyramid was the path to health?”

    • “Most marvel at the technological advances, the convenience and ease of life, and all the modern "essentials'' that keep the train going.  In our attempt to have dominion over nature and make science our god, we have lost what it means to be human.  Living happy, healthy, vibrant and thriving lives. “

  • What are your big 3 recommendations for improved health?

The lessons from Covid

  • Your experience after making an honest assessment of vaccine pros/cons.

  • Does government have a role in mandating what is good for your health?

  • For more information about Dr Bianco and his approach to health check out Huber Personalized Medicine at

Segment 3

Looney Tunes


  • The horrible economic conditions continue

    • May was 1% higher cost of living compared to April and 5% higher than a year ago!!!

    • This is the largest increase since the burst of the housing bubble in 2008

  • The artificial downturn due to Covid should produce the largest rebound in history!

    • If the Biden/Communist regime had done nothing, we would have seen the biggest boom in history!

    • Instead the ridiculous levels of printing money coupled to the government incentive to not work is choking the life out of the economy.

Communication and Coordination

  • New website is rolling out

    • Podcasts: We will be adding the full outline to the listings on the website

    • News: Links to the big issues and stories as we find them.

    • Speak Out! Show Up! : Links to critical opportunities to affect change

  • HR 248: The Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act

  • Please continue to spread the word! The people in power only respond when their need for self preservation kicks in. Only large numbers and a sense of urgency will move the needle.

Update on July 8th

  • Still searching for a venue but July 8th at 7pm is still a go!

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