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Podcast 10: Election Fraud and Voter Integrity

Guest: Jim Renacci

Special Guest:  Ohio Governor Candidate Jim Renacci

Segment 1 – Election Fraud and Voter Integrity
Segment 2 – Ohio’s Future with Ohio Governor Candidate Jim Renacci
Segment 3 – Events, Actions and Excitement

Segment 1:

Election 2020 Key Undeniable Facts

  • Huge statistical anomalies in a few states:

    • Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

    • Actually just 1 or a few counties in those states

  • Voting “stopped” simultaneously in 5 states

  • Days after the election the totals were still changing

    • Biden gained over a million votes after election day!

  • The rules governing the election were changed dramatically and illegally

    • Widespread ballot harvesting

    • Unsolicited mail in ballots

    • No ballot signature verification

  • Post election, huge destruction of evidence

    • Absentee ballot envelopes destroyed (that’s where the ID and signature were supposed to be)

Fundamental Fraud Prevention

  • Proof you are allowed to vote

    • Resident, US Citizen, Registered to vote

  • Only Vote Once and Only in your precinct

  • In person voting is fairly easy to protect – photo ID and match to registration

    • Also hard to do a massive amount of fraud since it requires actually going to different locations

  • Mail in voting is nearly impossible to protect

    • No way to insure that the vote is cast by the voter identified on the envelop

    • Very easy to mass produce fraudulent ballots when there is no checking of the voter

    • Ballot harvesting – door to door gathering by political operatives is clearly dangerous

New Voter Integrity Laws

  • Most focus on in person voting: ID requirements and early voting

  • Attempts to clean up the mail in voting are anemic at best

  • Georgia laws now being challenged by the US Attorney General

    • Expanded early voting

    • Added ID requirement for absentee voting – last 4 of SSN or drivers license number (like Ohio!)

      • Removes signature requirement!

    • Restrictions on drop boxes

Segment 2


Background on Jim Renacci

  • Entrepreneur operating over 60 business and employing over 3,000 people in northeast Ohio

  • BHO Takeover of GM in 2009 shut down Jim’s dealership

  • Ran for US Congress and won in 2010 and served until running for US Senate in 2018

Topics for Discussion

  • Individual Tax burden: Ohio is 16th worst

  • Business friendly: Ohio is 11th worst (Illinois is 14th worst!)

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Ohio was dead last in May 2021 for job creation

    • Ohio lost 14,000 jobs in that month

    • Kentucky gained 5,100, Indiana gained 3,800

  • Dictatorial Actions by DeWine during “Covid”

    • Stopped primary election after losing in court!

    • Shutdown caused 3,108 business to close, 11th worst in the country

    • “Vax-a-million” giveaway of $5 million to encourage vaccination (basically cost $0.50 per person)

  • DeWine, like his predecessor Kasich has nothing in common with the average Republican

  • How do you overcome DeWine’s enormous advantage with his control of the State Central Committee and obvious huge appeal to Democrats?


Segment 3


July 8th Rally

  • Location is Princeton Pike Church of God, 6101 Princeton Glendale Road, 45011

  • Starting at 7pm, doors opening at 6:30pm

  • Josh Mandel is our guest speaker

Podcast Season 1 Complete

  • The first 10 episodes are complete and we will be taking July off as we get ready for round 2 starting in August.

  • We have 400 total listens with 85 in the past week.

    • Thanks for your support and keep spreading the word.

  • We will kick off Season 2 on August 9th with special guest Vivek Ramaswamy, author of Woke Inc

Second Event is Scheduled for August 13th

  • Vivek will be our guest speaker kicking off the release of his book

  • If you have not heard him speak, go to

    • Extremely insightful, sincere and impassioned

    • Stepped down as CEO of his company so that he could address “Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam”

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