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Hot Takes on Current Events
- July 4th Afghanistan withdrawal = handing over to the Taliban
- June Inflation numbers - highest core increase since 1991 !!!
- Voter Integrity = Voter Suppression
- Truth Suppression - the Feds admit monitoring Facebook and Text Messages!

Segment 1:

Welcome friends and patriots to this abbreviated podcast. I hope everyone is enjoying your summer and resting up for the work ahead. RestoreLiberty will be starting up season 2 on August 9th but so much has been happening in the past couple weeks that I just wanted to point out the enormous attacks on liberty that are become more frequent and more severe. We need to

July 8th Rally

  • Thank you to the more than 200 people that showed up for our rally with speakers Josh Mandel and Dr Douglas Frank. Informative and encouraging, diverse group

Sept 2nd Rally

  • Still working to put together our next rally. Currently scheduled for September 2 with guest speaker Vivek Ramaswamy author of “Woke Inc. Inside corporate America’s social justice scam”

  • This rally is our end of summer kickoff to getting more active in stopping the communist takeover of our country. We need to get ready for the school board races, the township races and to get prepared for the all important primaries!

HB 240

  • Small victory… Most provisions of the Parents Right to Know Act were added into the biennium budget and were not vetoed by dictator DeWine. Unfortunately the GOP wimps were not able to pass the full bill in normal legislative fashion. We must increase the pressure on these political hacks to do their job!

HB 248

  • Speaking of political hacks, HB248, The “vaccine choice and anti-discrimination act” is still stuck in committee and they are on summer break now. Scott Lipps, is the “Republican” chairman holding this bill from a vote. His number is (614)644-6023 – call him! his email is – fill his inbox! This is a key personal liberty issue that is being completely ignored by the supposed “conservatives” in the legislature. Speak out!!! Please Now!!

July 4th

  • First item: A week ago the administration announce that they were handing Afghanistan back to the Taliban. They didn’t word it that way but pretty clearly admitted that is exactly what is going to happen. When asked directly “Are you worried that the Afghan government might fall?” Biden responded “Look, we were in that war for 20 years.” When pressed to answer his response was “I want to talk about happy things man.”

  • Earlier in discussing Afghanistan he was asked why we were in Afghanistan and this is how he answered. That’s a full 5 second brain fart!

  • Clearly dementia Joe is not in command of his own faculties much less in control of the White House and the direction of government. Which begs the question – Who is in charge? It’s not Joe Biden, and I cannot believe it is VP Kamala Harris, she is almost as mentally handicapped as Uncle Joe.

  • So who is steering the United States of America???



  • Inflation climbs higher than expected in June as price index rises 5.4%

    • Biggest jump since August 2008

    • Core inflation up 4.5% - Largest move since September 1991

  • “A separate report from the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the big monthly hike in consumer prices translated into negative real wages for workers. Real average hourly earnings fell 0.5% for the month, as a 0.3% increase in average hourly earnings was more than negated by the CPI increase.”

Voter Suppression

  • Biden and the rest of the propaganda machine are in full out lying mode to exaggerate the content of the GOP led voter integrity rules. Biden called it the biggest threat to the country since the civil war!

  • Texas Democrats left the state to stop the legislature from passing new voter laws to counteract the opportunities for fraud.

  • In a rare public display of common sense, Senator McConnell pointed out the hypocrisy of the praise for the Texas legislators actions.


  • Finally, this is by far the true threat to America today.

  • Psaki admits the federal government is flagging Facebook posts...

  • Surgeon general report is asking for “clear consequences” for users who are branded as “misinformation super-spreaders”

  • The follow up statements further explain that “SMS Messages” will be flagged as well. So they are now admitting to tracking your text message content.


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