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Podcast 12: Past, Present, Future of America

Vivek Ramaswamy

Special Guest:  Vivek Ramaswamy, Entrepreneur and Author of Woke, Inc

Segment 1 – Segment 1: Pursuit of Happiness, Pursuit of Excellence
Segment 2 – Equity vs Excellence, The Woke Approach
Segment 3 – How do we stop this direct attack on Liberty and the Constitution?

Segment 1:

Background on Vivek


  • Vivek Ramaswamy is a successful entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful enterprises including Roivant Sciences, a new type of biopharmaceutical company focused on the application of technology to drug development.

  • A first-generation American, valedictorian of St Xavier High School, biology degree from Harvard and law degree from Yale.

What Propelled America from unreachable colony to world power!

Pursuit of Happiness

  • “The “American Dream”” – Personal hard work, dedication and talent create success

  • Early settlers left the “civilized” world to come to an unknown wilderness.

  • For generations, immigrants came to America to start over and have a chance to improve their lives

  • It is only recently that immigrants came for the “free stuff” at the behest of the Democrat Party

Pursuit of Excellence

  • Americans are responsible for almost every advancement in the modern age through a constant drive to push the envelop.

  • Not just technical advancement but all areas:

    • Social: abolish slavery, women right to vote, true anti-discrimination

  • Diversity of ideas and people were a huge driver to advancement

    • Not mandated diversity, but actual coalescing of different approaches to problem solving

Segment 2

Equity vs Excellence

The Woke Approach

  • Critical Race Theory, 1619 Project, Comprehensive Sex Theory all aim to totally rewrite actual American History to destroy the exact process that made America great.

  • The concept that everyone deserves the same outcome without earning it is an insult to everyone that worked to get to where they are.

  • How did “Woke” become mainstream?

Segment 3

Patriot Movements

  • The original Boston Tea Party was about taxes – “Taxation Without Representation”

  • In 2009, the Tea Party movement sprang from out of control spending

  • Today we are facing a direct attack on liberty and whether we keep the Constitution or throw it out

The Players

  • Big government

  • The Media

  • Big Tech

  • Big Business

The Objective

  • Free Speech

  • Free Press

  • Personal Freedom – Personal Responsibility

Action Plan

  • Must grow influence at the local level and show that the vast majority of people are not ok with the destruction of America.

September 2nd Rally

  • Chance to meet with like minded people, hear the issues and prepare to respond

  • Tickets will be available soon!


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