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Podcast 13: Covid, Kids and School Boards

Zac Haines

Special Guest:  Zac Haines, Concerned Parent

Segment 1:  Covid Stats and Facts
Segment 2:  School Boards - Mask Mandates
Segment 3:  Engaging Local Reps, Sep 2 Rally

Segment 1:

Before we start – The fall of Afghanistan

  • In the Hottake podcast just 4 weeks ago we talked about the Biden plans to hand Afghanistan back to the Taliban and played a clip of Biden getting upset that he was asked about this during the July 4th holiday. His response was to blow them off and declare “I want to talk about happy things man”.

  • A couple days later on July 8th Biden had this to say

  • In just 4 short weeks, Afghanistan is back to where it was 20 years ago with the Taliban in control of the country. Except now they are armed with the latest high tech vehicles and weapons courtesy of the United States and it’s ruling party of idiots!

Covid Statistics

Segment 2

Story of local school boards

  • In spite of all statistics being lower than last year, delta is far less lethal, still no deaths in children, no evidence children get or spread covid…

  • Mask mandates are returning

  • Zac – story of opposing the mandates, organizing, betrayals

  • Recruiting to run for school boards

  • What works, what doesn’t work for effecting change in the schools

Segment 3

School Boards

  • The indoctrination of our children is a key leverage point being used against us

  • School boards are a key administrative tool to affect change

  • What is involved in running a successful campaign for school board?

Local meetings, State official influence

  • Township, City and County meetings are easy to influence with just a small number of attendees

    • Be respectful, ask questions, seek details

    • Talk to the officials after the meeting and convey your concerns

  • State representatives need to hear from you on the key issues of concern

    • Stay abreast of happenings at the Statehouse and respond quickly

Find Websites/sources you trust

September 2nd Rally

Chance to meet with like minded people, hear the issues and prepare to respond

  • Vivek Ramaswamy will be there, his books will be available for purchase and personal signing

  • We will have a couple other guest speakers focused on how to get involved and effect change

  • Details will be on the website shortly along with a link to get your tickets.


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