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Podcast 14: Judicial Branch Civics 101

Sharon Kennedy

Special Guest:  Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy

Segment 1:  Three Branches of Gov't per Constitution
Segment 2:  Structure of the Judicial System
Segment 3:  Details on Sep 2 Rally

Segment 1:

Sharon Kennedy Background

  • Sharon Kennedy

  • Police officer for City of Hamilton

  • Private practice as a lawyer

  • Butler County Court of Common Please

  • Since 2012, Ohio Supreme Court Justice – running for Chief Justice in 2022

  • Endorsed by Ohio Value Voters today

Government is a Necessary Evil

  • The US Constitution is based on the premise that centralized government was not to be trusted.

  • System of checks and balances was to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful.

    • Article 1 defines the Legislative Branch

      • Responsible for creation of laws and defining revenue and spending

      • Can impeach the Executive Branch

      • The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year, and such Meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by Law appoint a different Day.”

    • Article 2 defines the Executive Branch

      • Responsible for enforcing the laws

      • Can veto legislation which Legislative can override by 2/3rd majority.

      • Commander in chief

    • Article 3 defines Supreme Court

      • Final arbiter on laws

Current State of Checks & Balances

  • Executive orders now treated nearly the same as legislated laws

  • Supreme Court refusing politically charged rulings

    • The Texas challenge to the 2020 Election being thrown out on procedural grounds when it is now clear that Texas has been harmed greatly by the results of that election!

  • Executive directly violating Supreme Court order on Eviction Moratorium

  • The “Free Press” was intended as a check against runaway government but is now fully in line with the single party ruling power

    • Big tech is now under the same tent as well.

Limited Government

Rights given from God, not government

  • Bill of Rights usurped under the premise of “general welfare”

  • Every aspect of life is now subject to the demands of the central government and the single party in control.

Segment 2

Local Level/State Levell

Federal Level

  • District Courts

  • Supreme courts

2020 Losses in Hamilton County

2020 Losses in Hamilton County

  • Erased over 100 years of judicial experience

  • How do we get “Rule of Law” Judges back into those positions

Segment 3


  • George & Ray to introduce the key issues and approach to getting actively involved

  • Rocky Boiman -Call to Action

  • Russ Newsom to talk about actions in support of school children

  • Jennifer Gross to explain how to get HB 248 – Vaccine Choice and Anti-Descrimination Act passed

    • Extremely important in light of all the Colleges and Business rolling out ultimatums

  • Vivek Ramaswamy to explain Woke Inc and the damage that is doing to our country


  • The event is focused on not just presenting information but also on providing concrete steps that we can take to start moving the government out of our lives and back to protecting our rights.

Event Details

  • Go to http://RestoreLiberty.US/tickets to register for the event

    • Tickets are free but you can donate via the registration process

    • You can also purchase a Woke Inc in advance and pick it up at the rally

      • Vivek will be available for signing all of the books purchased

  • Books will also be available for sale at the event on first come first served basis

    • If you want to purchase a book or pick up your purchase, the doors open at 6:30pm and you are encouraged to come early.

  • Speakers will begin at 7pm and we should be finished by 8:30pm

  • Details are updated at http://RestoreLiberty.US/event


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