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Podcast 15: News from the School Trenches

Haddon Lockyer

Special Guest:  The Informed Youth founder Haddon Lockyer

Segment 1:  Feedback from the Sep 2 Rally
Segment 2:  School Boards out of control and Conversation with High School student Haddon Lockyer
Segment 3:  Founding Documents now labeled "Potentially Harmful Content"

Sept 2 Rally Feedback

  • Great attendance, speakers and speeches

    • Huge thank you to everyone who came, purchased books and made donations

    • Thanks to Vivek and his team for their support

  • Liked the “Action” focus – homework is available on the website

  • Younger attendee comments

    • Pleasantly surprised it wasn’t just a gripe session

    • Good content

    • Difficult for those working and with families to have the time to get involved

  • Next steps

    • Working on putting together smaller groups with a focus on the “family” generation

    • Provide pizza, beer and baby sitters

    • If you are interested in hosting one of these sessions please contact us at (513)400-5832


  • Mayor Craig Shubert, Hudson Ohio - play cut

  • Upcoming CRT Rally

  • Tomorrow, Tuesday September 21, Columbus State Board of Education, 8am

  • Speakers include Rev C. L. Bryant, Josh Mandel and 16 year old Haddon Lockyer

Haddon Lockyer

Latest outrageous attack on America...

Harmful Language Alert”

  • The US National Archives and Records Administration has labeled the following documents as containing “Potentially Harmful Content”

    • Declaration of Independence

    • Constitution

    • Bill of Rights

  • In addition: (per Fox News) Members of the National Archives' task force on racism have recommended removing the "charters of freedom" description for America’s founding documents, such as the Constitution, arguing that it did not initially grant freedom for all individuals.


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