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Podcast 17: School Boards (Guest: FourForForestHills Candidates)


Special Guests: Bob Bibb, Katie Stewart, Sara Jonas, Linda Hausfeld

Segment 1: Key risks in schools:  CRT, CSE
Segment 2: Candidate interviews
Segment 3: Taxes and Spending

Segment 1:

Podcast 15 – Check it out for another view into the schools!

  • Featured 17 year old Hayden Lockyer talking about what is going on in Ohio Schools


  • Equity”, “race” determines outcome

    • This curriculum is present in many of the public schools of the urban areas including Cincinnati

  • Critical Race Theory rally in Columbus last week

    • 13 Speakers including last week’s guest, 16 year old Haddon Lockyer

    • 125 Attended in spite of pouring rain

  • HB 327 introduced (Diane Grendell and Sarah Fowler Arthur): Prohibit teaching, advocating, or promoting divisive concepts

    • Will the Ohio GOP cave to the teachers union on this one?!

  • Must pressure the legislature to pass this bill. Details on the website.

  • Get details and sign petition at


  • The campaign to eliminate family, religion and moral behavior from the classroom continues.

  • The following clip is from a meeting earlier this week at the Fairfax County, VA school board meeting

    • A mother went to the high school library and checked out a couple of books. She proceeds to read from the books and hold up the images from the books.

    • This is the link to the original video, and is definitely NOT for children or anyone not willing to hear explicit language. It is provided only to illustrate how severe the issue has become.

    • The sound clip has been heavily edited to avoid the graphic pornographic statements

      • The first pause is when she is reading the actual text from the books

      • The second pause is when the school board tries to stop her from speaking and the crowd gets angry

      • Soundbite:  September 23rd Fairfax School Board Meeting

    • At the end of the clip to school board leaves the room and forces the crowd to be quiet

    • Of special note, the leader of the school board repeatedly says “this is for high school students”

      • The implication is that the school board believes this is appropriate material for teenagers!

  • We must take back the local and state school boards!

Segment 2


Approach to addressing key concerns

  • Covid restrictions (masking, vaccines…)

  • CRT/Equity

  • CSE

Segment 3

November Tax Levies

  • Issue 1 – Huge 4.51 mill Levy

    • Almost $110 per $100k value of home

    • Text says for for “the purpose of supplementing the general fund to provide support for children services and the care and placement of children”

      • The fact that it is going to the “General Fund” makes this suspicious

    • This is in addition to the “Children Services” Levy that recently passed

  • Issue 29 – Park levy

    • $33 per $100k home value

    • In addition to the levies most townships already have

Biden Spending

  • $3.5 TRILLION on “Social Spending and Climate Change”

    • 2465 pages long

    • “According to the non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget in July, the true cost is more likely to be around $5.5 trillion.”

    • $3 billion for “tree equity”

    • $15 million for older people who are “underserved” with gender identity issues

    • $7.5 billion for Biden’s “Civilian Climate Corps”

  • $1.2 TRILLION “Infrastructure”

    • 2700 pages long

    • less than 10% for “roads and bridges”

    • tax per mile “pilot program”

Biden Tax Plan

  • Top tax rate raised from 37% and it would be increased to 39.6%

    • “Fair Share” in total dollars not net (meaning does not account for all the services received from the government)

      • Top 1% make 21% pay 40%

      • Top 5% make 36% pay 60%

      • Top 10% make 47% pay 72%

      • Bottom 50% make 11% pay 3%

  • Capital gains raise from the current rate of 20% to 25%

  • Raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%

  • Tax break will reward local newspapers with a payroll tax credit for employing journalists ($50k per)

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