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  • Podcast 18: Schools, Taxes, Elections (Guests: Dusty Rhodes, Russell Newsom)

Podcast 18: Schools, Taxes, Elections (Guests: Dusty Rhodes, Russell Newsom)

Guests: Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes, Russell Newsom

This is a longer podcast, to listen to each segment separately:

Guests: Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes, Russell Newsom

Segment 1: Updates on CRT/CSE
Segment 2: Evolution of the Democrat Party w/Dusty Rhodes
Segment 3: Elections - Nov 2021, 2022 Primary and General w/Russell Newsom

Segment 1:


  • Ohio School board repealed “Resolution #20” which basically thrust CRT into Ohio schools and has replaced it with “Resolution #13”.

    • The text of Resolution #13 is on the website.

    • The original text had a stronger wording against CRT that was removed

      • the State Board of Education declares that Critical Race Theory and its tenets have no place in K-12 education”

  • New bills in the Ohio House

    • HB 322 - Regards the teaching of certain current events, race, and sex

    • HB 327 - Prohibit teaching, advocating, or promoting divisive concepts

    • Being held up by the usual suspects:

    • Get details and sign petition at


  • Last week we played a couple clips from Virginia, things have escalated there

    • The National School Board Association wrote a letter to Biden on September 29th that says public school teachers “are under immediate threat” and asks for “immediate assistance” to protect students and teachers from “physical violence” at the hands of domestic terrorists who take the form of concerned parents.

    • In a memo to the FBI on Monday, Attorney General Merrick Garland wrote that the Justice Department will launch an effort to stop what he called called “a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools.”

  • The excuse for this was a parent that was arrested at a Loudon County school board meeting on June 22 when the board was proposing “Trans Rules” and stated noone has been assulted in the school.

    • The man’s daughter was sexually assaulted on May 28 by a boy in the girls bathroom.

    • The 15 year boy was transferred to another school where he has been charged with another instance of assault against another girl.

Segment 2


  • Started on AM radio, “In 1964, he was one of the "Good Guys" sponsoring the Beatles' Cincinnati appearance during their first American tour,”

  • Political career started as a Delhi Trustee and has been Auditor since 1990

Hamilton County Tax Levies

  • Use the Hamilton County Auditor webpage to get exactly how much the levies will cost you

    • Issue 1 – Huge 4.51 mill Levy

      • Almost $110 per $100k value of home

      • Text says for for “the purpose of supplementing the general fund to provide support for children services and the care and placement of children”

        • The fact that it is going to the “General Fund” makes this suspicious

      • This is in addition to the “Children Services” Levy that recently passed

    • Issue 29 – Park levy

      • $33 per $100k home value

      • In addition to the levies most townships already have

Evolution of the Democrat/Republican Party

  • On the range of complete government control (left) to complete personal freedom (right)

    • The US Constitution is pretty far to the right, but did specify limited, enumerated powers

    • Originally both parties were on the right, near to the US Constitution.

    • With the “New Deal” and the “Great Society” and “The War on Poverty”, the Democrats have marched further and further to Big Government Control

    • With Obama and now Biden, the modern democratic party is pretty close to the total government control of Communism.

  • The modern Republican party stops just short of full socialism with nearly the same enthusiasm for spending and regulations.

  • By definition, “bipartisan” now means move to the left

Dusty Rhodes Perspective

With 50+ years experience in the Democrat Party

    • Where do you think we are heading?

    • Is there any chance of moving back to the middle?

    • The “social issues” of abortion, marriage, sexual orientation, are no longer subject to debate within the Democrat party.

    • What are your key concerns?

Segment 3

November 2021

  • School Boards, School Boards, School Boards

    • Sycamore, Anderson/Forest Hills (the Four for Forest Hills), Mariemont, Wyoming, Madeira, Lakota, Loveland and Cincinnati

    • Will be posting recommendations on the website

  • Cincinnati City Council

  • Township Trustees

  • Russell – thoughts on what is motivating voters and candidates in the next couple weeks?

2022 Primaries

  • The premier battles locally of Good vs Evil

    • Governor of Ohio

    • US Senator from Ohio

2022 General Election

  • The US House and US Senate control

    • Must take control from the current cabal

    • But need actual Republicans, not more Romney, Murkowski, Portman

  • The Republicans should be all out marketing at this point but seem silent?

  • What does it take to get Republicans to embrace freedom and speak out against the obvious flaws of the Biden/Squad approach!

    • Inflation, out of control spending, energy dependence

  • Where do you think all of this goes?

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