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Podcast 19: Convention of States

Episode 19

Guests: Mark Meckler

Or listen to each segment separately:

Episode 19, Segment 1

Episode 19, Segment 2

Episode 19, Segment 3

Special Guest: Mark Meckler , President – Convention of States
Guest Commentator: Jason Winchester ( The Dirty Lunchbox )

Segment 1: National Issues
Segment 2: Convention of States Process
Segment 3: Local Election Results, Inflation

Segment 1: National Issues


  • Special Guest: Mark Meckler , President – Convention of States

    • CoFounder of Tea Party Patriots

    • On executive committee of Parler

    • President of the Convention of States Action

      • Jim DeMint, Rick Santorum, Tom Colbern, Mark Levine

  • Guest Commentator: Jason Winchestor of @TheDirtyLunchbox


  • Ridiculous levels of spending

    • At a time of record tax revenue

  • Inflation

  • Aggresive tax system

Government Overreach

  • Regulation

    • EPA, HHS, OSHA

  • COVID really opened up the floodgates of government control

  • Collusion with big tech

    • Media censorship

    • Propaganda


  • Single party rule and the “elite ruling class”

  • Control of the cost of labor and the cost of goods

Segment 2: Convention of States Process

Article 5 of Constitution

  • What does it mean and how is COS attempting to organize this?

Main Amendments

  • Somewhat based on Mark Levine’s book – The Liberty Amendments

  • From COS website: Our legislation calls for a Convention of States “limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress."

  • In light of the current rush to communism, are there other additions being proposed for the convention?


Segment 3

November 2021 Results

  • School Boards, School Boards, School Boards

    • Four for Forrest Hills swept!

    • Many other wins

  • Cincinnati City Council – lost cause

    • 1 GOP makes the cu t

    • B ackgrounds:

      • 4 have no info on Balletopedia

      • Freedom Center

      • Cinci Metro Housing Authority

  • Township Trustees some wins, some significant losses (Sycamore Twp)

Latest Stats

Mandates, Mandates, Mandates

  • Ohio house has given up trying to do anything!

    • Thanks to GOP establishment – Bob Cupp, Bill Seitz

  • Meanwhile, AG Dave Yost files lawsuit against Biden/OSHA mandate???

  • HB248 is still officially in committee but without intense public pressure it is going nowhere

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