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Podcast 20: Election Integrity

Episode 20

Guests: John Adams

Or listen to each segment separately:

Episode 20, Segment 1

Episode 20, Segment 2

Episode 20, Segment 3

Guest: John Adams, candidate for Ohio Secretary of State

Segment 1: 2020 Election Concerns
Segment 2: Insuring Free and Fair Elections, Concerns with the Ohio GOP
Segment 3: Importance of 2022 Primary

Segment 1:


  • Election Integrity and the requirements for a “Free and Fair Election”

  • Special guest – John Adams, Ohio SOS Candidate

2020 Election Concerns

  • DeWine stopped Primary without authority

  • Unprecedented level of mail in ballots

    • Many states sent out unsolicited absentee ballots

    • Ballot harvesting and un-monitored drop offs

    • Lost or no voter matching to ballots

  • Stopped counting

  • Enormous vote batches, entirely for Biden

Arizona Audit Findings

Segment 2


    • Ohio native, former Navy Seal, Furniture store owner

    • Four term Ohio House

      • Introduced bill to eliminate Ohio Income Tax

Requirements for Voting Confidence

  • Only valid voters

    • Registration/voter rolls must be up to date

    • Each vote must include proof of voter’s identification

  • One voter = one vote

    • Each ballot must be traceable to a single real voter

  • Paper proof

    • Machines can do the initial count but matching documentation is used for all recounts

  • Audit documentation trail for each vote

Approach to addressing key election concerns

  • Maintaining clean voter rolls

  • Auditing machine software/operation

  • Processing of absentee ballots

Ohio GOP Concerns

  • DeWine nanny state grand dictator – has no characteristics in common with grassroots Republicans

  • Speaker Bob Cupp, “Leader” Bill Seitz consistently support their lobbyists instead of their voters

    • Anti-vaccine bill fiasco

    • Board of Education – CRT opposition

  • Chairman Bob Paduchik – primary support for DeWine and Timken

  • How do we get the Ohio GOP to support true Republican Principles?

Segment 3

2022 Election Primary

  • Primary is the only chance to get rid of incumbents

    • Unfortunately the establishment is highly motivated to keep incumbents regardless of competence

  • DeWine must be defeated

    • Word is a fourth candidate will be announcing this week.

  • The US Senate replacement must be a step UP from Rob Portman

  • Precinct Executives and State Central Committee members are up for election in the primary

Larger Goals for Mid Term Elections and Local Efforts

  • Cease and desist the COVID Insanity!

  • Stop the Democrats and their Single Party Rule and its march to totalitarian control

  • Continue the awareness and gains in the Schools

    • HB290 – Back Pack Bill

      • School funding goes to school child attends


      • Push back against the divisive liberal agenda and corruption of our children


  • Will be back with the podcasts and some new initiatives in January

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