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Episode 21: 2021 is now 2022!

Episode 21

Guest: Joe Knopp

Or listen to each segment separately:

Episode 21, Segment 1

Episode 21, Segment 2

Episode 21, Segment 3

Guest: Joe Knopp, Ohio Lt. Governor Candidate

Segment 1: 2021 - The year of Big Government and little liberty
Segment 2: Joe Knopp, background, motivation and keys to Governor Election
Segment 3: Importance of 2022 Primary and Central Committee

This episode can be watched online - for those that want to see behind the curtain.

Segment 1:


2021 – The year of Big Government and Little Liberty

  • National

  • Ohio

    • Dictator DeWine continued his assault on small business, personal liberty and education

    • Ohio GOP turns blind ear to voters, listens only to party first officials and donors/lobbyists

      • Corruption – HB6/First Energy hits GOP “Leaders” but DeWine escapes so far

      • HB248 – Anti Vaccine bill crushed by GOP in response to donors/lobbyists

  • Good News???

Segment 2

Background on Joe Knopp

  • Growing up in an orphanage outside of Philadelphia, Joe tells his tale of overcoming incredible odds that took him from that children’s home to the United States Military to the financial industry and to producing Hollywood films starring some of the most iconic actors of our time.”

  • His life is a true rags to riches epic leaving audiences with a new sense of purpose and drive to be their best self holding on to the faith that nothing is impossible. Joe currently lives outside of Dayton, Ohio with his wife, Angie, and their three children.”

  • Now running with Jim Renacci to end the erosion of liberty and the Columbus “Pay to Play” corruption

Path to Politics

  • How did you go from Military to Films to Politics?

  • I Can Only Imagine’, “Unplanned” and “The Trump I Know” are strong faith based, traditional values based, emotional stories.

Key Issues and Motivation as Candidate for Ohio

  • Pro-Live, Pro-Family, Education…

  • Put voters first not lobbyists, end “Pay to Play” in Ohio

Segment 3

2022 Election Primary

  • Primary is the only chance to get rid of incumbents

    • Unfortunately the establishment is highly motivated to keep incumbents regardless of competence

  • DeWine must be defeated – Renacci is only candidate that has backing to beat DeWine

  • The US Senate replacement must be a step UP from Rob Portman

  • Must fill Ohio GOP with Liberty First Candidates!!!

Precinct Executives and State Central Committee

  • County and State Central Committees

    • Why does it matter?

    • County – local endorsements

    • State – big dollars to endorsed candidates, huge bias to incumbents, tend to sway primaries

  • Petition Process

  • Winning Strategy – These are your neighbors, just talk to them!

  • What comes next…

  • Details will be on the https://RestoreLiberty.US front page shortly!

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