Episode 21: 2021 is now 2022!

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Episode 21

Guest: Joe Knopp

Or listen to each segment separately:

Episode 21, Segment 1

Episode 21, Segment 2

Episode 21, Segment 3

Guest: Joe Knopp, Ohio Lt. Governor Candidate

Segment 1: 2021 - The year of Big Government and little liberty
Segment 2: Joe Knopp, background, motivation and keys to Governor Election
Segment 3: Importance of 2022 Primary and Central Committee

This episode can be watched online - for those that want to see behind the curtain.

Segment 1:


2021 – The year of Big Government and Little Liberty

Segment 2

Background on Joe Knopp

Path to Politics

Key Issues and Motivation as Candidate for Ohio

Segment 3

2022 Election Primary

Precinct Executives and State Central Committee

Reminder to Spread the Word