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Episode 22: Freedom Still Matters

Episode 22

Guest: Curt Hartman

Or listen to each segment separately:

Episode 22, Segment 1

Episode 22, Segment 2

Episode 22, Segment 3

Guest: Curt Hartman

Segment 1: Freedom Still Matters
Segment 2: Ohio Primary
Segment 3: Cleaning Up Ohio

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Segment 1:


  • Guest – Curt Hartman, Candidate for OH House District 27

  • Segment 1: #FreedomStillMatters

  • Segment 2: Ohio Primary

  • Segment 3: Cleaning up Columbus


Freedom Still Matters

  • Fundamental Principles (always true, universally applied)

    • Rights come from being a human, not granted by government – government must protect rights

    • Pursuit of Happiness NOT Guarantee of Happiness

    • You cannot spend more than you bring in

    • Security/Safety/Common Good are usually excuses for usurping individual rights

  • Root of all differences between liberals and conservatives is Personal Responsibility

  • Conservatives”

    • Being right on the current issues: Pro-life, Pro-2A

    • vs having a fundamental disposition to support personal freedom

  • DeWine/Acton, Biden/Fauci, Australia

Segment 2


  • Ohio Primary

Ohio Redistricting History

  • Still not finalized!

    • Fed Congressional District were due by 30Sep2021, State office lines due by 01Sep2021

    • First revision came 20Nov2021, overruled by OH Supreme Court 12Jan2022

    • Next try competed 22Jan2022, again before the OH SC

House District 27

  • Curt – running against Joe Murray and Lindsay Cole

  • Current maps tilt district Democrat

  • What are your key objectives in Ohio House?

  • How do we advance true conservative principles?

  • Is there any way to break the DeWine grip on mandates?

Ohio GOP Primary Endorsements

  • December GOP meeting attempted to endorse DeWine and adjourned meeting because of public attendees disrupting the meeting.

    • More discussion of the GOP State Central Committee in Segment 3

  • Clermont County endorses Renaci

  • Local establishment Republicans came out for DeWine

Segment 3


  • What can be done to put the Ohio GOP back on the right path

ORP Concerns

  • Accounting Issues

  • Funneling money to primary candidates – establishment incumbents and SCC members

Precinct Executives and State Central Committee

  • State Central Committees have many conservative options

    • Senate 8 has 2 men and 6 women running

    • Senate 9 has 4 men but only 1 women running

  • County Central Committee (Precinct Exec)

    • No formal list yet

    • We need solid liberty representatives to have any effect on the local party

State Offices

  • Currently too many candidates to defeat DeWine

    • Renacci, Blystone, Keller

  • District 29 will have a candidate, Angela Hymer, against Cindy Abrams

  • Must get some traction to wrestle control back to the voter from the donor/lobbyist groups

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