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  • Episode 23: World Events, Ohio Redistricting, Primary

Episode 23: World Events, Ohio Redistricting, Primary

Episode 23, Segment 1

Episode 23, Segment 2

Episode 23, Segment 3

Guest Commentator: Max Black
Guest: Brent Centers

  • Segment 1: World Events - Canada, Ukraine
  • Segment 2: Establishment Politics - Ohio Redistricting, Power of Incumbents
  • Segment 3: Primary Priorities - State and County Central Committees

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Segment 1:

Max Black

  • Host of CanceledOut blog and podcast

  • Project Manager, US Navy submarine veteran and graduate from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s in Music Business

  • Precinct Exec and instrumental in the Four for Forest Hills School Board Election

Brent Centers

  • Mayor of Franklin, Hamilton Township Administrator

  • Miami University (Political Science), Dayton (Public Administration), Wilmington (Homeland Security)

  • Air Force

  • Started Campaign to primary Steve Chabot

Russia – Ukraine

  • Perplexing on many levels

  • The Biden Administration talks openly about the impending threat

    • Sounds a lot like entrapment

    • Is it a coincidence that this starts up just as Biden’s numbers tip to the low 40’s?

  • Is this a reaction to the soft stance of the Biden Administration?

    • Handing Afghanistan back to the Taliban with a gift of billions of dollars of equipment, and the deadly/disorganize fleeing from Kabul

    • Not exactly a show of power by the US

  • Why are we not willing to protect our own borders but consider Ukraine’s border worth going to war?

Canada Freedom Convoy

Segment 2


  • The fate of Ohio’s Primary is still up in the air.

  • The difficulties of challenging an incumbent.

Ohio Redistricting

Brent Campaign for District 1

  • Wanted to present a more active voice for conservative principles

  • Impact of the lollygagging on redistricting

  • Power of incumbents

  • What does it take to get true voter responsibility as opposed to the power of lobbyists?

Segment 3


  • Priorities for Ohio Primary

Ohio GOP State Central Committee Actions

  • Friday’s meeting was an embarrassing display of dysfunction

    • It’s a long video but 1:03 is the “Financial Reports”, 1:18 is the recommendation to endorse

  • Voted 36-26 to endorse the slate of “statewide incumbents”

  • The adjectives that come to mine – pompous, self-important, grand standing, total disdain for voters

  • We need fresh blood that actually represents the voters to the party, not mandating the party wants onto the voters.

Precinct Executives and State Central Committee

  • Why are these roles important?

    • PEs are the basic infrastructure for the ground game of the party

    • SCC members set statewide direction

      • Currently the focus is on the party, not the voter

      • No focus on messaging or principles

  • How do you win the election?

  • How do you defeat the incumbents especially if the SCC funds their own members!?

General Tips for Running a Winning Campaign

  • Ground game

  • Social media

  • Mailers

  • Fundraising

Reminder to Spread the Word

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