Episode 24: Review of May 3rd Primary in Ohio

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Episode 24, Segment 1

Episode 24, Segment 2

Episode 24, Segment 3

Guest Commentator: Barbara Holwadel

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Barbara Holwadel

In 2018, she fought (almost single-handedly) to stop an income tax increase in the city of Madeira and ran for council in 2019. The next year, she led the effort to stop SORTA from raking in tens of millions of dollars to prop up outmoded public-transportation models that ignore consumers’ modern travel preferences - such as Uber/Lyft ride vouchers. Then, in 2021 she organized opposition to the County Parks levy – one that effectively doubled our taxes. The Cincinnati Enquirer even labeled her Greater Cincinnati’s Anti-Tax Crusader.

Segment 1:

Governor Results

Senate Results

Secretary of State Results

Segment 2

Local Results

Establishment Assault Against Conservative County Central Committee

Segment 3

Ohio Redistricting

State Central Committee

Barbara & George for SCC 8

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