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  • Episode 25: Insights from First Time Candidate Joe Knopp

Episode 25: Insights from First Time Candidate Joe Knopp

Episode 24, Segment 1

Episode 24, Segment 2

Episode 24, Segment 3

Guest Guest: Joe Knopp

  • Segment 1: Current Events
  • Segment 2: Reflections on Campaign Process
  • Segment 3: What's Next

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Segment 1:


  • Special Guest: Joe Knopp, to talk about running for Lt Gov and what comes next

  • Begin with today’s hot topics

Ohio has maps and a primary date!

  • Ohio Supreme Court rejected 5 maps.

    • The Ohio federal congressional district map went through because of a technicality, the lawsuit against it was filed incorrectly.

  • Federal Court panel of 3 judges mandated “Map 3” and an August 2nd Primary

  • The whole dysfunctional mess is the result of “Republican” Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor turning to democrat in retaliation for the legislature not changing the age limit for her position!

  • The heart of the issue is whether we are a Republic or a Democracy

    • Dem’s control 7 small areas of the state, but get 45% of the state vote

Violence with Guns

  • Stop calling it “Gun Violence”, the gun is not doing the violence, people are

  • Murder is already against the law, how it is done is immaterial!

  • Perfect meme:

    • A wolf attacks a sheep. Sheep dies. Sheep blame the wolf’s teeth. Sheep remove all their teeth. Wolf is the only one with teeth!

  • Reporting of recent shootings looks like an epidemic. Fact or distraction from inflation???

  • Statistically speaking you are still more likely to die from falling down than from getting murdered with a gun. And AR15 murders are less likely than getting killed by a hammer!


  • Overall: CPI from January 2021 to today is up 11.2%

  • Gas: January 20th, 2021 - $2.39, Today - $4.87, a 104% increase!!!

  • Food: up 10% since January 2021

  • GDP shrank 1.5% last quarter for first time since start of covid

  • Recession is now very likely

  • If Biden had done nothing at all, none of this would have happened

    • The biggest case of “Elections have Consequences” in history!

Segment 2


  • Joe Knopp to give us his perspective as a first time candidate


  • Movie producer: Woodlawn, I Can Only Imagine, Unplanned, The Trump I Know

    • True stories with strong messages

  • Politician – Jumped into the deep end of the pool with Jim Renacci as first taste of politics

Comments on the Campaign/Political Process

  • What assumptions did you have going into this versus what you experienced?

  • From agreeing to run to election day, what were the big milestones that stand out in your mind?

  • What were the big surprises along the way?

Dealing with Politicians

  • We all have our assumptions about what to expect from Politicians. Anything stand out about your interactions with the “king makers” and the “wanna bees”?

  • You/Renacci got 28% of the vote. Joe Blystone got 21.8% of the vote! Way more than I would have expected. What do you think was behind such a huge showing?

Dealing with Voters

  • My observation was that you did an outstanding job of connecting with voters. What was your impression from interacting with the public?

How did the campaign affect your family

  • Huge commitment of time and resources. How did that play out?


  • Coming up, future hopes and how we can make a difference.

Segment 3


  • Follow up Joe Knopp on future plans

Would you do it again?

  • It has been a month since the primary and you have had a little time to decompress and evaluate. Was it worth it?

  • What would you change if you did run for office again.

Upcoming Projects

  • Now that you are back to just “citizen” Joe, what is next!

    • Political activity? (Like help State Central Committee Candidates ;)

    • Media/Movie Projects?

Final Thoughts and Advice

  • Any final thoughts on the last year?

  • What advice would you give to people considering becoming a candidate?

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