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Meeting May 22, 2024

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Thank you to everyone who attendedthe meeting.
The next meeting will be on June 26th!  Details to follow

Join RestoreLiberty.US and Westside We The People
on Wednesday, May 22nd at The Farm

Meet Orlando Sonza - Candidate for US House District 1
and Gabe Guidarini - Ohio Leader of Turning Point Action

 In addition to the meeting that begins at 7pm,
we will be recording a podcast during the dinner hour at 6pm.

This month, Joe Strecker, Executive Producer for Brian Thomas and recording entrepreneur,
will be helping us record a conversation with Orlando and Jessica Sonza during the dinner hour. 
Join in while eating/drinking to learn more about the candidate.

This meeting is focused on the race to flip US House District 1
just like we did back in 2010.

Next meeting will be June 26th!


Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Doors open at 5:30pm
Dinner begins at 6:00pm
Live Podcast begins at 6:10pm
Meeting begins at 7:00pm


The Farm
239 Anderson Ferry, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Dinner is an ala carte buffet buffet - eat as little or as much as you want.  Great entrees, sides and desserts.
We ask that you patronize The Farm as they make this possible for us to have the event here. 
Please support their business in this way.  THANK YOU!


Podcast - Orlando and Jessica Sonza

George Brunemann - RestoreLiberty.US Organization Update and Plan

Orlando Sonza - 2024 US House Candidate

Gabe Guidarini - Turning Point Action

Todd Zinser - Update on the Cincinnati "Up Zoning" Plan

Orlando Sonza - US House Candidate

A proud Ohioan, Orlando Sonza is a second generation Filipino American, raised in New Jersey, and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. While at West Point, Orlando met his wife, Jessica, a fellow Academy classmate and Cincinnati native. After their honorable discharge from the Army, Orlando and Jessica moved to Cincinnati to raise a family. While helping to raise their kids, Orlando obtained his master's degree in taxation from the University of Cincinnati and his law degree from Georgetown Law. Orlando is currently a prosecutor with the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office and a member of the Ohio GOP Central Committee.

Orlando is running for US House Rep for District 1.

Gabe Guidarini - Turning Point Action

Gabe Guidarini is the Ohio Field Representative for Turning Point Action, a national organization led by Charlie Kirk which is focusing on Republican turnout and conservative activism this election cycle. He also serves as the communications director for the Ohio College Republican Federation and is the President of the University of Dayton College Republicans.

Grant Bagshaw - Rising Republicans

Grant graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Political Science degree in 2021 and has since worked at Cincinnati City Council, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives. Grant became Campaign Manager for Orlando Sonza for Congress in late 2023 and also serves as President of the Rising Republicans of Greater Cincinnati, the Ohio Young Republican chapter for Southwest Ohio.

Todd Zinser

  Back in CIncinnati now, Todd is active in area policy issues such as opposing the sale of railroad and the current "Up Zoning" Proposal.  Listen to his discussion with Brian Thomas here.

George Brunemann - RestoreLiberty.US

After a hiatus to run for the Ohio House of Representatives, George is back to concentrating on RestoreLiberty.US to delve into the issues of the day and work to elect the most conservative candidates possible.  The original concept behind RestoreLiberty.US was to be a more "passive" effort to communicate about issues and share information through podcasts and web content.  2024 represents a significant challenge to the future of our country and the idea is to create more cohesion and greater active involvement in what is happening in our area and beyond.  

The next meeting at The Farm will be June 26th. Hamilton County Auditor Candidate Tom Brinkman and local activist Sarah Wolf will be discussion all things property taxes!

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