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Podcast May 22, 2024 - Live w/Orlando and Jessica Sonza


Orlando Sonza is running for the US House of Representatives in District 1

Guest: Orlando Sonza

Segment 1: Behind every good man is a great woman (podcast)
Segment 2: Why/What/How (podcast)
Segment 3: Campaign approach (podcast)

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<Listen to the Brian Thomas segment on RestoreLiberty.US and the meeting objectives here>

Segment 1:

Behind every good man is a great woman.

Orlando Sonza has an incredible resume of qualifications and service.

In this segment we hear the perspective of his wife Jessica.

Segment 2:


Why are you running?

What are your key issues?

How do you plan to avoid the swamp?

Segment 3:


How do you plan on winning and what can we do to help?

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