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Podcast June 26, 2024 - Live w/Sarah Wolf and Tom Brinkman


Guests: Sarah Wolf, Tom Brinkman

Segment 1: George discusses current issues and upcoming events in the area and gives background on property tax discussion (podcast)
Segment 2: Sarah Wolf- Background on Hamilton County Homeowners Org and HJR6 in Columbus (podcast)
Segment 3: Tom Brinkman- Auditor objectives (podcast)

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Segment 1:

George discusses current issues, upcoming events and introduces the property tax issue.

  • Upcoming Events
    • Debate is tomorrow evening at 9pm on CNN
    • Trump event Sat, Jun 29, 3pm Indian Mound Cafe
    • – 7/13, 8/10, 8/24
    • Next RLUS is July 24th
  • Property Tax Background
    • Currently the only tax on unrealized gains
    • You are taxed on increase in value even though you received no income.
    • Value increases over time (45% in last 5 years)
    • Tax increases over time (21% in last 5 years)
    • Valuation vs tax
    • Rules on townships – local government funds

Segment 2:

Sarah Wolf on community effort to address valuations and tax increases

  • Background on Hamilton County Homeowners Org
    • Origins, growth, meetings...
  • What is happening in Columbus?
    • HJR 6
      • Does it go far enough?
      • Will it pass?
  • Other methods to attack the problem

Segment 3:

Tom Brinkman- Candidate for Hamilton County Auditor

Tom discusses his current efforts to start petitions to reduce City of Cincinnati property taxes and stop the city's "Connected Community" campaign.  Tom also describes his ideas for improving the auditor's office if he is elected.

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