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RestoreLiberty.US is looking for your input for the meeting on May 22, 2024
This month's guest is Orlando Sonza who is running for the US House seat that was lost by Steve Chabot in 2022.
Gabe Guidarini is the Ohio Representative for Turning Point Action, a young adult focused organization whos "mission is to embolden the conservative base through grassroots activism and provide voters with the necessary resources to elect true conservative leaders."
Todd Zinser will give a brief overview of the Cincinnati "Up Zoning" Plan. Listen to his discussion with Brian Thomas here.
We are interested in getting your input on the pressing issues of the day and what you think we should be doing to address them.
Thank you for your responses!!! If you want to learn more, please come to The Farm on Meeting Wednesday May 22. Listen to our podcast recording at 6pm and the speakers starting at 7pm.