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Westside We The People Meeting - May 31, 2023

Join Westside We The People on Wednesday, May 31st at The Farm
Important Pro-Life Information


Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Doors open at 5:30pm
Dinner begins at 6:00pm
Meeting begins at 7:00pm


The Farm
239 Anderson Ferry, Cincinnati, OH 45238
Dinner buffet will be available and we ask that you patronize The Farm as they make this possible for us to have the event here.
Please support their business in this way.  THANK YOU!



Ohio Supreme Candidate Megan Shanahan

Judge Megan Shanahan is a skilled and experienced trial court judge who has earned the respect of the people who come into her courtroom and the citizens who elected her. Judge Shanahan’s transparent, no-nonsense, plain-spoken approach is on display in every case. Born and raised in coal country, Judge Shanahan was the youngest of eight children in a working-class family. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University before going on to a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law.

In 2024 Judge Shanahan will be running for the Ohio Supreme Court.


ORP State Central Member Orlando Sonza

A proud Ohioan, Orlando Sonza is a second generation Filipino American, raised in New Jersey, and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. While at West Point, Orlando met his wife, Jessica, a fellow Academy classmate and Cincinnati native. After their honorable discharge from the Army, Orlando and Jessica moved to Cincinnati to raise a family. While helping to raise their kids, Orlando obtained his master's degree in taxation from the University of Cincinnati and his law degree from Georgetown Law. Orlando is currently a prosecutor with the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office.

Orlando will discuss the Ohio Constitution Amendments in the August and November elections.  These elections are critical to Ohio's Pro Life foundations.

Discussion of Sign Theft and Free Speech

April 18, 2023 Brian Thomas Interview

George Brunemann interview on Brian Thomas show discussing the theft of political signs and the overall topic of free speech.

  • There is an election going on!
    • Almost everywhere it is just tax levies
      • 4 school levies
      • 2 police levies
    • Great site for getting information about the schools and levies
  • Since 2010 in NWLSD
    • Average household income up 7.8%
    • Tax per student up 61.7%
  • Compared to Oak Hills
    • 2 star vs 4 star
    • 28% higher tax per student
    • 40% more administrators per student
      • 9% more administrators than Cincinnati!
  • Opposition to any speech that people disagree with
    • Conservative (fiscal, moral, political) points of view are attacked
    • Much higher rate of sign destruction and theft than previous campaigns
      • Same is happening in Loveland
    • Businesses are attacked and threatened within a day
    • 80 year old homeowner spent over $300 of his personal money to put up 50 signs
      • Half are gone – from personal properties

You Sold Us Out

A group of concerned Republicans sent out a letter out on  January 19th, expressing outrage over the actions of the twenty-two Ohio House Republicans that joined the Democrat Party in selecting the Speaker of the Ohio House.  "The obvious conclusion is that these 22 turncoats are more aligned with the interests of the Democrat Party than they are with the majority of the Republican Caucus.  In joining the unanimous selection of the Democrat Party these officials abandoned the voters who elected them to be their voice." 
The full text of the letter is here.
We have been told that if you do not like how your representatives vote, then vote for new representation.  In 2022, the State of Ohio did exactly that.  We have 67 House members that won as Republicans, but instead of getting progress on the agenda items that matter to us, 22 members have decided that the majority of their peers are wrong and have instead become part of the Democrat Party!  This must not be allowed to continue!

The Ohio Republican State Central Committee censured these individuals in the meeting on January 6, 2023. Hamilton County is "represented" by Bill Seitz and Cindy Abrams who were part of the minority of Republicans that went back on their word to support Derek Merrin after he won the vote of the caucus on November 16th.  At the Hamilton County Central Committee Meeting on February 2nd there was a vote on a similar resolution of censure for the 22 Democrat aligned reps and an expression of No Confidence in Seitz and Abrams.  We had 50 sponsors for this resolution but the final vote of the committee was 47 for and 78 against.  (Some of the sponsors were unable to attend the meeting.)  Abrams and Seitz spoke of their reasons for this maneuver - basically they felt left out of the process by Merrin and were going to lose their leadership positions and they felt that having a speaker that was termed out after 2 years was not desired. They continue to profess that "no deals were made with the Democrats" which is incredibly difficult to believe.  We will see if any of the conservative agenda is advanced by this coalition with the Democrats.

The full resolution is available here.

Episode 25: Insights from First Time Candidate Joe Knopp

Episode 24, Segment 1

Episode 24, Segment 2

Episode 24, Segment 3

Guest Guest: Joe Knopp

  • Segment 1: Current Events
  • Segment 2: Reflections on Campaign Process
  • Segment 3: What's Next

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Episode 24: Review of May 3rd Primary in Ohio

Episode 24, Segment 1

Episode 24, Segment 2

Episode 24, Segment 3

Guest Commentator: Barbara Holwadel

  • Segment 1: Statewide Races
  • Segment 2: Local Races
  • Segment 3: August Primary - State Central Committees

Donations from listeners have allowed us to restart these podcasts.  THANK YOU!
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Read more …Episode 24: Review of May 3rd Primary in Ohio

Podcasts Table of Contents

Episode # Title Guest
25 Insights from First Time Candidate Joe Knopp
24 Review of May 3rd Primary Barbara Holwadel
23 World Events, Ohio Redistricting, Primary Max Black
Brent Centers
WTF 1 Ohio Redistricting Maps George
22 Freedom Still Matters Curt Hartman
21 2021 is now 2022 Joe Knopp
20 Election Integrity John Adams
19 Convention of States Mark Meckler
18 Schools, Taxes, Elections Dusty Rhodes, Russell Newsom
17 School Boards FourForForestHills
16 Covid Overreach & Ohio GOP's Sellout Jason Winchester
15 News from the School Trenches Hayden Lockyer
14 Judicial Branch Civics 101 Sharon Kennedy
13 Covid, Kids and School Boards Zac Haines
12 Past, Present, Future of America Vivek Ramaswamy
11 HotTakes George
10 Election Fraud and Voter Integrity Jim Renacci
9 College Conservative Discussions Owen
8 Personal Responsibility Dr. Tony Bianco
7 Education Dr. Matt Wahlert
6 Principles Josh Mandel
5 Elections Have Consequences Dan Regenold
4 Getting Invoved in Politics Jim LaBarbara
3 Constitution Jim Lewis
2 Second Amendment Joe Eaton
1 Free Speech Rocky Boiman