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Episode 24: Review of May 3rd Primary in Ohio

Episode 24, Segment 1

Episode 24, Segment 2

Episode 24, Segment 3

Guest Commentator: Barbara Holwadel

  • Segment 1: Statewide Races
  • Segment 2: Local Races
  • Segment 3: August Primary - State Central Committees

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Episode 23: World Events, Ohio Redistricting, Primary

Episode 23, Segment 1

Episode 23, Segment 2

Episode 23, Segment 3

Guest Commentator: Max Black
Guest: Brent Centers

  • Segment 1: World Events - Canada, Ukraine
  • Segment 2: Establishment Politics - Ohio Redistricting, Power of Incumbents
  • Segment 3: Primary Priorities - State and County Central Committees

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Read more: Episode 23: World Events, Ohio Redistricting, Primary

ORP Concerns is a new site dedicated to getting answers to the issues plaguing the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee.  SCC Audit Committee member Laura Rosenberger and Fiscal Review Committee members Mark Bainbridge and Denise Verdi are asking for clarity on accounting write offs over the last few years including when Jane Timken was chair.  (Ohio Star Article from July).  The December SCC meeting was interrupted by activists asking for transparency and asking that they not endorse DeWind in the primary.  The February meeting is now going to be held "virtual" to prevent protestors from assembling.  Cincinnati Local 12 News did a great segment this week.  EmpowerU will be doing a class this Wednesday, "Is the Ohio Republican Party Corrupt?"

Click to see videos and more information about ORP Concerns

Podcasts Table of Contents

Episode # Title Guest
21 2021 is now 2022 Joe Knopp
20 Election Integrity John Adams
19 Convention of States Mark Meckler
18 Schools, Taxes, Elections Dusty Rhodes, Russell Newsom
17 School Boards FourForForestHills
16 Covid Overreach & Ohio GOP's Sellout Jason Winchester
15 News from the School Trenches Hayden Lockyer
14 Judicial Branch Civics 101 Sharon Kennedy
13 Covid, Kids and School Boards Zac Haines
12 Past, Present, Future of America Vivek Ramaswamy
11 HotTakes George
10 Election Fraud and Voter Integrity Jim Renacci
9 College Conservative Discussions Owen
8 Personal Responsibility Dr. Tony Bianco
7 Education Dr. Matt Wahlert
6 Principles Josh Mandel
5 Elections Have Consequences Dan Regenold
4 Getting Invoved in Politics Jim LaBarbara
3 Constitution Jim Lewis
2 Second Amendment Joe Eaton
1 Free Speech Rocky Boiman