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Podcast September 26, 2023

Discussion of key issues in the upcoming elections. 

Guest: Adam Brandon

Segment 1: FreedomWorks Background (video / podcast)
Segment 2: Reaching Independents (video / podcast)
Segment 3: Training Saturday, September 30th (video / podcast)

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Segment 1:

FreedomWorks Background

  • Background and Evolution of ⁠FreedomWorks⁠
  • Findings from November 2022 election
  • Key principles

Segment 2:

Reaching Independents

  • Approach
  • Non-Partisan
  • Non-Confrontational

Segment 3:

Effective Campaigning Training

  • Getting ready to work on November Ballot Issues

  • Review of what is at stake in Ohio

  • Approaches and recommendations

  • Training Details:

    • When: Saturday, September 30th - 9am - 1pm

    • Where: EmpowerU Studio @ FrameUSA - ⁠225 Northland Blvd Cincinnati 45246⁠

    • Details and register at: ⁠ http://RestoreLiberty.US/training

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