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Hot Takes on Current Events
- July 4th Afghanistan withdrawal = handing over to the Taliban
- June Inflation numbers - highest core increase since 1991 !!!
- Voter Integrity = Voter Suppression
- Truth Suppression - the Feds admit monitoring Facebook and Text Messages!

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Podcast 9: College Conservative Discussions

Guest: Owen, Student At UC

Special Commentator:  Owen, University of Cincinnati

Segment 1 – The “Student Loan Crisis” and Forgiveness Giveaway
Segment 2 – Key concerns on the minds of college conservatives

Segment 3 – Looney Tunes and the Growing Weaponization of the Federal Agencies

See podcast outline - Podcast 9: College Conservative Discussions

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Podcast 7: Education

Guest: Dr. Matt Wahlert

Segment 1: Education - Outside View

Segment 2: Education - Inside View

Segment 3: Loony Tunes, COVID "Conspiracy Theories"

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